How to track lead generator leads?

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If my lead generator turns a lead over to the office how can I link that back to him? I don t want to use a marketing campaign for this. Also, when the lead sells, how can I link that to him too?

My lead generators get $15 for a booked and ran lead and another $25 if it sells. I want to track all this in Service Titan.


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We use Tags as well. We even created a custom field to track status of the lead (ie: Referred, Signed, Not Signed, Paid)

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Hi Jeff!

We use tags for this. You have to tag the customer with the LG name so that when you schedule an install the LG tag follows the customer. Then you can see the LG name in the tag field when you run a report (and sort it easily in Excel). There might be a better way, but this is what we're doing 🙂


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They have this on the job information, when you click the pencil on a booked job. Click the box for "Lead from another job" and you select a person with the drop down a couple boxes below.

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Create a custom field. Use a drop down feature that includes the names of your LGs.