Easily Searching Dismissed Leads NOT Attached to a Location

New Contributor II

Hi, all! 

So we've been trying out using Leads to keep track of incoming calls instead of our previous solution, but now we're coming to issues when a Dismissed Lead calls back in, and we can not find the original Lead.

If the Lead is left OPEN & is not attached to a Location, Titan will find it from the Call screen with the address or phone number, but it can not do this if the Lead is Dismissed.

If the Lead is DISMISSED & is not attached to a Location, they tell you to go to Search -> Leads -> manually comb thru those Leads that aren't attached to a Location, and we already have 89 of those.


Should we just never Dismiss the leads, if we want them to be EASILY findable via phone number or address if the person calls back in? 

Should we attach them to a dummy Location?


How do other people handle this? 89 leads to sift through after only two weeks in our slow season is already not something we want to do to re-activate a Lead.