Aspire Equal Billing Contracts

New Contributor

We use 12 equal installments for lawn and snow services and are running into an issue. If our contract starts 4/01/24 and runs through 3/31/25 we occasionally have to perform services outside of those contract dates (ie Pre-emergent in March and Snow removal in April) but we no longer have tickets. If we start the billing Apr-Mar (12 equal) but have the contract run through April it duplicates all the work tickets as if we have another full year and we have to cancel all those tickets. Aspire support says that all users have 2 agreements green and snow and that the payment schedules are not balanced but this does not work for our customers, we need it to work with 12 equal installments but have tickets to service the full length of the contract. An additional option was to do a full renewal on the contract and finish the season using a new contract but there are 2 problems with that scenario 1. The customer may not renew 2. All the costs are not on the current contract. I would love to hear from anyone that has found how to run 12 equal installments and a full year of services. Thank you