How To Get An Accurate Membership Report

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We've been trying to figure this out, but can't seem to get an accurate count. We basically need a report that will tell us how many active and expired memberships we currently have. We want the total count and not the breakdown of each customer. Currently the Membership Summary Report is the closest template to what we're looking for and it does give us a number for each column but some of the customers that are listed under expired are also under Active At End. I can not find a way to get around this and it is not accurate. I attached a screenshot of the report we're using. Has anyone been able to figure out how to exclude expired membership customers if they also have an active one as well? I do want to reiterate that the format below is the kind of report we're looking for. I know there are other reports I can pull which basically lists each customer, their membership status, and when they expire. I don't need all of the details. Just a clear 'This is how many are expired, this is how many are active' report.




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Are you using membership renewal tasks when you renew a membership? If not, this will always show an expired membership and an active membership if the customer continues on with a membership at the end of their term. 

Ie. John has a membership from 6/1/2023-5/31/2024 and buys another membership (not renews current membership) which is in effect from 6/1/2024- 5/31/2025. This is because one membership has expired and he has another one active.

If you use a renewal task this should stop this from happening as the membership will continue and their is no expiration of one membership into another. 

We have a custom report made that shows more information than the report you are referring to but we don't have the issue of expiring memberships showing in the active memberships because we use renewal tasks. Memberships.PNG

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We use the "active memberships" report. Leave the sold from/on and good from/to dates blank. Choose your BU's if needed, membership status should be "active", and we also put todays date in the "status as of date" because we do not want to count in renewals with a future start date. Hope that helps.