Residential Membership: Price increase for new customers only

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I want to increase pricing on new memberships. If I edit this in Pricebook will it affect the existing memberships already sold? If so, how will it affect the reccuring services yet to be performed for existing members. 

Will I have to set up a new membership type to increase our prices? 


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It will not impact current memberships. You do not need to create a new membership type. Update the membership in the price book, and the new price will be for any new memberships sold. We have ours set up when the existing memberships are renewed the price increase will be reflected.

However, if you have monthly memberships and want an overall price increase for new and existing members you will need to change the price book, but for the existing members you need to cancel their existing monthly and sell them the new membership that has the price increase.

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It will not affect current memberships, but you will also need to update the pricing settings in the membership itself.