Purchase Orders on Memberships

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Is there anyway to attach a purchase order to a membership without booking a job? 

We sub out our filter changes and currently what we are doing is the following:

1. Receive invoice from sub for filter change. 

2. Book a job attached to the membership. 

3. Add a dummy tech timesheet to booked job. 

4. Pull purchase order to capture cost on the membership. 

5. Complete out job. 

6. Batch and Export Job. 

It would be such a streamlined process if we could simply pull a purchase order off the membership page vs having to book a job first. 

Any thoughts or anyone know if this will be a future improvement for Service Titan?


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

As far as I'm aware you can only add purchase orders to jobs and projects not memberships, BUT with the new Service Agreements that are coming I think that was a feature... assuming these are commercial memberships that might help. When we have subs run our RNC jobs we do the process you have listed above to the T. 

Another thought.. are you paying the subs by the po? If your only doing it to record cost could you just add a material "sub labor" with cost to your membership?  

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Hi @kitty_ia - this is a great question! @RandiThompson - what advice could you offer? Or is this something that should be on Ideas?