Renewing Membership with Different/Upgraded Membership

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When renewing a membership and you offer an upgraded membership the recurring services associated with the upgraded memberships aren't added to the membership automatically. 


For example: 

Customer was on a Gold Plumbing Only Membership and wants to renew but now wants to upgrade to the Gold Plumbing and HVAC Membership. 

The recurring service events for the plumbing only membership just has one annual plumbing inspection. 

The recurring services events for the plumbing and HVAC membership has one annual plumbing inspection, one annual ac inspection and one annual furnace inspection. 

When renewing the membership with the upgraded membership (Plumbing and HVAC) it will only add the one annual plumbing inspection as a recurring service instead of adding all required recurring services associated with the plumbing and hvac membership. 

The only way around this is to sell a new membership for the upgraded plumbing and HVAC membership option then go manually change the start date. 


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

when you hit "renew membership" system will automatically renew the membership based on your renewal task set on the expired/old membership . Make sure your renewal task is set to the upgraded membership before hitting renew membership