Reconciling Maintenance Liability Acct in QB

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We reconcile our QB maintenance liability account monthly, however the way ST sends the whole lump sum of the two visits into that account is causing us a considerable amount of extra work. We need there to be two line items in the liab acct so we can reconcile the first visit when performed, then the second visit later. Right now each month we are having to go into that liab acct and edit every single invoice to show two line items at half of the membership price. We work with BDR and they have asked ST to set the memberships up this way but it still hasn't occurred. Has anyone else found a better way to deal with this problem? Is everyone else just reconciling a year after a membership is sold when the whole amount has been used?


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Hi Danielle! 

There are 2 reports that you can run that are built in: Incorrect GL Setup for Recurring Services & Location Recurring Service With Invoice Template Details. These will show you how your recurring services invoice templates are setup so you work to update them as needed.

ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

It seems like you have an issue with the Recurring Services, you should have 2 line items set on the invoice template - one for Removing the funds from your Liability account and one for adding it to your Revenue Account.  Double check to see what the amount for each recurring service is set for.  If the total membership is for $200 and it covers two trips ensure that the recurring service is set for $100 for Revenue Account / -$100 from Liability Account