Why do estimates show potential savings and then not apply them if you sell the membership?

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You create an estimate and it shows "Potential savings" as a selling point. You sell a membership (YAY!) so the customer can access the savings. Now, you have to recreate the estimate because the membership is new and doesn't apply to the estimate that was already created.

Doesn't that seem backwards? If we are showing an estimate with potential savings, shouldn't those savings apply once the membership is activated? Why do we have to re-create an estimate again? This is time consuming and not a wise work flow in my opinion. Anyone else having this struggle and have a potential fix?

I think this should be a suggestion for future releases as well. Anyone agree?


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Im struggling with the same issue... is it true that ST is set up to not give discounts on the day of maintenance agreements sale? 

Tech at the home... gives estimate (showing potential savings) client of course says sign me up for membership (for value of membership as well as "potential savings" but ST will not allow savings on todays work unless new job or estimate created?? 

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I think this is a great idea! Please post it in the ideas tab so we can go like it!