Allow technicians to attach the primary payment method to a membership at time of sale

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Hi Everyone! Please vote for this IDEA submitted by a business owner.


Store Primary CC - easier access for office and technicians

Provide the ability to mark a payment as primary at time of entering in the payment option.  Add a "Primary Payment" check box  option on the payment screen that can be selected when the credit card is being entered for the membership.  As well, allow for a technician to select the primary payment when selling a membership to a customer.  This will save the step of the technician from having to call into the shop to have the payment provided marked as primary, if they are able to check a box at time of sell, that will link that form of payment to be the primary payment method for the membership. 

Saving office and technician time in their day.



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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Thanks for sharing the upvote link with the Community, @gracelm! It's an amazing idea💡