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Hey you guys, 

Since the new update to ST, I have been able to locate the Blue Collar Nerd tutorial video, which was very helpful for inner office operations. However; I'm sure there were also changes to the mobile side. Do you know if there is an instructional video for the mobile side? 


ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hey @AmandaFreeman -- following what @CHowell mentioned about field features with Margaux. Any new releases that are rolled out, her video for the technicians can be found on your content portal. In your ServiceTitan account you go to settings>content portal and make these training videos viewable to the techs. They will already be there!

Sheena @ NiFT

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Hi Amanda! I recommend checking out the Release notes highlights from the Blue Collar Nerd for new releases and also the Field Features with Margaux series - focused on updates that impact your field mobile users. 

The latest installment can be found here: Field Features with Margaux - ST-68 (1/24/24) 

Release info can all be found quickly in Highlights > Product News. 

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Great question and welcome!