Customer Calls via Mobile - Poor Sound Quality

Our techs have been experiencing poor sound quality and delays when speaking to customers via the ST app, e.g. when calling the customer through the app.They are in an area with good voice/cell and data signals.Sound quality is clear with no delays w...

d1nonly10 by New Contributor II
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Offline Synching Issues??

Does anyone else have issues with synching issues with "offline" technicians (no service)? We've had a few instances where techs will be out in the field, fill out required forms, and then are able to close out their jobs. On their end things look ok...

msjewell23 by New Contributor II
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techs cannot create equipment

This is a growing issue and I know I have seen in mentioned on Masterminds. We have techs that are creating equipment (and they have screen shots of it created) then it just disappears completely as if the never created it! I have an "escalated ticke...


My techs are on call one week at a time. Our time from 8am-4pm is considered regular and 430pm is nights and weekends charge. We also have a holiday charge. If our times are set as such why does ST not reflect this and they have to go in manually and...

abbycamp by New Contributor
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Proposal Templates

Can we please get categories for our proposal templates? It would make it soooo much easier for our Techs to find.

Mobile app. Looking up customers and old jobs/ new jobs.

I'd like my guys to be able to look up and call customers/ be able to see jobs that they were not necessarily assigned to. I keep running into situations that a job is estimated but not necessarily booked. I would like one of my leads to call the cus...

Resolved! Mobile Issues

Good Morning!For the last almost 24 hours we have had our techs without the ability to use the Mobile App on their Tablets. We reached out to chat this morning and they are saying it is an isolated incident with our techs. I am not sure how this woul...

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More than 5 paused appointment on the mobile app!!

I would like to see the max number of "Paused" appointments raised. Honestly I think ALL paused appointments should show up on the mobile app to help keep the techs up to date on what jobs they need to complete.

support issues

We're having issues with ST mobile. And I just had support tell me they would suggest using a high-speed internet connection for best results. Let me call Verizon and tell them to get on that now