Assemblies Workflow in ServiceTitan

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Hello everyone, 

My name is Brian Crumby and I'm the Supply Chain Product Manager at ServiceTitan. 

My team and I would love the opportunity to chat with our amazing customers to show you our new assembly workflow design, which will be used to streamline the process of grouping items commonly purchased from vendors to estimates, POs, and other inventory transactions quickly. Based on the feedback that we have received with our current product offering, we would be very interested in getting your thoughts on this new feature we’re considering.

If interested in participating in a phone call to review the designs and provide feedback, please comment your email below and we will reach out to you to schedule the call.

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Hello Tommy,

Thanks for the prompt response and please feel free to use the link below to schedule some time with our team.  

Looking forward to meeting you and having a quick chat to get your thoughts.

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Hi Brian,

I am 100% in discussing assembly workflow. Not only for package deals and computerizing our install packages and matchups, but we also "assemble" things like drain pans and plenums in our shop, We have a decent work-around through standard adjustments, but it is a bit kludgy.

Please let me know when there is a good time to talk.

Tommy Thompson