Rebuilding a PriceBook from scratch

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Fun topic that nobody really talks about because it is rather daunting: rebuilding a PriceBook. 

My company has been with ServiceTitan for a few years now, and for our PriceBook, we have services and materials from at least 4 different versions of pricebooks from various sources and a whole bunch of custom created items that were used as one-offs and just a lot of mess to try and sift through on both the office and the tech side. This being the case, we are going to rebuild our PriceBook from scratch using all the new features that ServiceTitan has offered (Dynamic Pricing, Service Agreements for commercial accounts, Configurable Payroll for tech commission, the works really). 

Does anyone have any experience doing this and has any helpful tips that they would be willing to put forth? Alternatively, does anyone have any features that they have integrated for their PriceBook that have just been "Wow!!" features that really helped with their PriceBook functionality and usage? 

For background information, we do subscribe to PriceBook Pro (among a host of other Pro products), and are currently working to implement an inventory system, but to kickstart the inventory system, we need to have a uniform material-usage report, which means that we need a straightened out PriceBook so that the proper items are getting added and not the miscellaneous one-off materials and the technicians are putting the same materials on their jobs across the board (but that's another task after the rebuild)


ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

HI @Nelson_Gothard! Having built and re-built a lot of pricebooks for clients the best suggestion I can give is to keep all your newly created items in their own main category while you build out, hide it from the mobile side, and label it so others know this is work in progress. It can also help to create a new coding or company nomenclature for newly added items. I also routinely change the code on items just before deactivating them to avoid future duplication issues, (import/export errors do not care if your old codes are deactivated when you are uploading new ones, if they match you'll get duplicate errors, keep that in mind when dealing with model #'s). 

Tips... If you have pricebook pro then setting up dynamic pricing should be a snap! You can do this in your NEXT environment and even in your live account because adding dynamic pricing rules don't erase the existing static pricing. If you don't like it or applied it to too many sub-categories at once you can simply edit the rule and remove the categories it's assigned to and you'll be back to your original pricing. 

I have loads of other tips but we'd need to narrow it down to discussing service, or replacement, HVAC, plumbing, flat rate, etc. Feel free to email me, I hold 15 minute quick chats for one-on-one pricebook demos and tips when I can.

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Hi @Nelson_Gothard - oof.. that gives me heart palpitations and loads of excitement at the same time. Heart palpitations because it always seems daunting to rebuild anything from scratch, let alone something critical to the success of your business. And, loads of excitement because of the clean end game will be amazing!

I'm going to call on a few of your fellow Titans to see if they can assist. @Rachel_Young or @JessiUsher - thoughts on best approach for @Nelson_Gothard ?