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How does the price builder add labor and markup to equipment that are not in a task or service. All my equipment is built in equipment and not as a service. I added my markups but I don't see the breakdown under the Equipment selected like I do with the services. How does this work and what is my best way to ensure I'm getting my markups for equipment. 


I also have an issue with job costing. If I have for say labor and material for a service and my gross margin is 83% as a sold estimate but my job costing report shows  x amount of labor and applies this to the job and my new gross margin is showing 66% even though my labor is being marked up in price builder for the specific task or service. Please help me understand this correctly. 


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Hi @PolarAir1 - great question. @Sheena_Palacios - you've got some experience here, would you be able to help?

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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Thanks for the tag, @e_dunn! Hi @PolarAir1 -- part of the setup is adding billable hours to your services and attaching equipment to services as well, this is to ensure accurate pricing. Here's more info on Dynamic Pricing

Sheena @ NiFT