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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

We are in the process of setting up Dynamic Pricing... how are y'all handling part warranty jobs. We need to charge for labor and would like to have the material automatically added BUT if we link the material it charges for it?? Seems like there should be a toggle like "add on". I would love to hear how you have it set up and see if I'm missing something.

Thanks in advance!! 

Randi Thompson
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I have setup warranty parts with a $0.00 cost in my materials inventory.  Use these items on the Warranty Jobs.  That way you can still charge for other materials and labor cost and still track the parts used for warranty. I make the part number the same but with a -W at the end.  The techs could also use the add sub item material to remove the motor with cost and add the motor with the $0.00 cost.  Just a thought.  The other way I have set this up it to have 2 completely different services already setup with the warranty motor at no cost on the Service.  

Hope that helps.

Bob Underwood

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