Looking to create a live spreadsheet through google sheets

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Hello, I am looking to create a live google sheets doc with information from service titan. Has anyone successfully done this? if so can you inform me how you did it? I have tried copy and pasting the URL from Service Titan But the data does not. Is it even possible to create a live spread sheet through this portal as its not a public site? thanks!


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Hi jp, 

I have set this connection up for a few items like invoices and timesheets. It does require a few steps to set up, but it had definitely been valuable to have.  You will need both an API integration and a connection to your Google sheet through the google sheets API.     

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API is the best, and possibly the only, way to do this. https://developer.servicetitan.io/

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I have attempted this via Zapier without success. I have been able to do it with Airtable though. 

Service Titan > Airtable > Google Sheets.

For Zapier (Service Titan > Google Sheets) it can be accomplished with API integration BUT I haven't mastered that either.

Please let me know if you ever figure this out!