Automatically Exporting Data from Reports to Looker Studio?

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Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing well.

There are lots of great reports with ServiceTitan, but for our company, we are really looking for specific KPIs for sales and marketing, for example, we want to see more than just the inbound calls, we want to see the total lead count for the day which includes both inbound calls as well as form submissions.

With that in mind, we are trying to make our own custom dashboard with data, so that we can see everything we need to see every day.

The question: is there a way to automatically pull data every day into a spreadsheet somewhere?

Like can I set up various reports to automatically export every day into a specific spreadsheet? 

If I can get different reports to put their data into Google Sheets, then I can do my own tying together of the data and get the dashboard that I want.

From what I can tell, it looks like you have to export all data on your own, and by the time you're done with doing that daily, there's no time saving purpose of having a dashboard, as you have to go to each report individually anyway and you'll see all the KPI data along the way.

Has anyone had any luck automatically exporting report data into a single spreadsheet?

I know you can schedule reports to be emailed either PDF or XLS, but I'm looking for it to go directly into a spreadsheet, and each day, add more data to the same spreadsheet, instead of getting a new report every day, and copying and pasting the data every day manually into the spreadsheet.

Thank you!


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Hi Devin, hope you are well. Have you been able to figure this out? after reading your post I believe we are trying to do the same thing. I am currently trying to find a way to create a live spread sheet that updates as information is input into ST.

For example: i would like to have orders we put into the ST system automatically transferred over to a spread sheet to be tracked.

I have tried doing this with google sheets, as the application has an option to transfer live data to a spread sheet. the issue I run into is that it seems ST is not a public site and Google sheets cannot "transfer" the data over. Have you found any applications that work for this process? Can we collaborate on this to potentially find a successful method for us both to accomplish this? Thanks. 

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Scratch that, even easier: has somebody been able to automatically extract data from Service Titan reports and put data from multiple reports into a single spreadsheet, without having to manually export each report, and then manually put the desired data into one single spreadsheet?