BU Goal Tracking

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I have an idea I would like to promote. I am going to post it to multiple threads. Here we go:

In the BU settings you can set a daily revenue goal. It's the Goal field. Duh. What if they labeled it Revenue Goal? And then, what if, just bear with me, what if...they put other goal fields in this section? Like booked calls. Like average ticket. Like sold hours. Like memberships. So you could, like, have more goal tracking available???? If the revenue goal can be tracked in the existing algorithms, so could any other number that might show up in a report. Like you could have, like, a choice of what KPI GOALS you want to track and compare to actuals???? Maybe? Like, am I just being silly??? 

I might be stretching here, but if you combined daily call goals set in the BU with tech staffing or capacity, you might actually be able to create a departmental 3-day minimum call custom dashboard by using your call goals x your tech staffing for the day and the next three days, and then your actuals (what has been booked). 

Vahe? What do you say?