Conversion and Revenue by Job Type

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Hi everyone -  

We are having inside sales do lead setting on replacement opportunities where the technician did not turn it over (set the lead). I want to see how those jobs perform compared to our marketing leads or technician turnovers .

My idea is to create a job type for these specific jobs but I need help with reporting on conversion for my sales team for a specific job type.  



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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

@cherie_m I like the job type idea used WITH the regular lead setting worklog (edit pencil of job make sure the sales job is tied to the original). Then you could create a report based on the jobs template and include "is lead" and job type, as well as "Jobs estimate sales subtotals". From here, you could do a little math to see how these types are performing.

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Hi @cherie_m - great question! @dorobcp have you done anything like this or would you have suggestions for @cherie_m ?