Reports Not Updating Fields

I think the experience can be improved by making sure that the field texts are updated. For example, our company has a report that needs a dropdown field - The drop-down field is a list of names that we need to pull up in our reporting. When the name...

binh_ngu by New Contributor
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Add Attachments to Task Managements

Feature Request: Is it possible to have an option to add attachments to Task Managements. Besides the notes/comment section to update task managements, I think visuals would be very helpful for my team to gather information on the progress of each ta...

ykhang1 by New Contributor
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Report Formatting

Since Report 2.0 went live, I have not been able to resize the report to fit on one page like I have with "old reports". There is only one report I print out, that was "batch detail" report, for our non ST accountant to verify ST with QB. Can we plea...

sarah02 by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Invoices Not Sent

Hello I was wondering if there is a custom report I could generate that would allow me to see invoices that were not emailed to the customer. Thank you!

larenn by New Contributor
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Resolved! Filtering job types for reporting

We have a number of non-job job types such as "phone call", "parts list", "vehicle maintenance", "inspection", "prep" etc. I want to pull job reports and filter these jobs out since they show as $0 jobs and will be included in the count.Someone sugge...

jamied by Contributor
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Resolved! Outbound calling

I would like to start a discussion on outbound calling with ST, majority of the posts relate to inbound but outbound is about 75% of what my department does. My department makes outbound calls for general maintenance on our products so some customers...

astroud by New Contributor
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Is there a way to have CSR's only see the dashboards you give them access to? I have looked in setting under role permissions but it lumps all the dashboards together. I want them to be able to see the custom dashboard created for them not but the Mo...

DamienJ5 by New Contributor
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when our techs sale an estimate into the job that they are on, the sold by box when you click the edit pencil by the job action button doesn't fill in, it only fills in when they sell an estimate onto another job, not the one they are on. is this a s...

nashvill by New Contributor
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Inventory Reports Duplication

I would love to see the ability to make duplicate reports of my Inventory Item Tracking Report. This would allow me to have filters that are saved for frequently used reports instead of having to redo all my settings and filters each time.

Screenshot 2022-04-26 084433.jpg
serickso by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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