Outstanding Balance

Is there any way possible to create or run a report that shows jobs that may have an outstanding balance open or closed? I have run the the report for Jobs without payment however that is not all the payments we are missing and I cannot seem to find ...

dianam8686 by New Contributor III
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WIP & Job Cost Summary Reports

What does everyone use for a WIP and job cost summary for large projects than span over several months (3-24 months)? Do you have custom reports built by an outside company?

Resolved! Reporting Tweak

In the From-To Section of the report, it would be wonderful to have TOMORROW be an option. That way when we apply tags like "Parts-Ordered", it will run an automatic report letting us know the jobs we are planning to work on with ordered parts. This ...

Payroll Reports

We need the ability to schedule the payroll report to update the pay period weekly. Then it can simply email to our payroll clerk every Friday & I do not have to re-set the report. It currently makes you select the pay period to run the report with &...

KHGood23 by New Contributor
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Email delivery sorting

I would lover service titan to create a report that can track emails being sent by a specific user. I am in charge of sending invoices to clients for payments, and when i run the Email Delivery Status Report it lumps all the invoices that were sent b...

Marketing Report Suggestion

The reports and dashboards needs more options for reporting metricsIt exists only for revenue on the modular dashboard but I should be able to make any metric into a bar graph for month over month or whatever time frame I choose.Most common and helpf...

This report changed my mornings!

I am old school, and used to come in each morning, hand write myself notes about all my open service calls and then Football strategy write all over my notepad who's and what's and customers names and numbers.I got sick of it! So I created a report!I...

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Estimate Dismissal

We are wondering if there is a way to have a drop-down menu when dismissing an estimate to write in why they are dismissing the estimate. Or prepopulated dismissal reasons (price to high, found someone else, etc.)That way we can pull a report on dism...

inf8380 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Reports on Tasks

Is there a report that can be ran by Task Name or Description from invoices?

allisonc by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Survey Report

I have found the old Legacy Report called "Survey Report" which we use as a bit of a brag board for the techs. I have scheduled it to run as we want but I am wondering if there is a similar report in the current surveys or if anyone has a great repor...

MirandaMel by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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