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I would like be able to see a report that has all current customers that have a credit on their account. The current report "Credit Available" does not show this. I worked with Service titian Tech support to create a new report that shows this and it was a fail. It shows people with zero credit and other customers that have credit do not show up on the report. I think this is because the report is looking at the "payment" side of a credit being established. How can I get a report that if I pull right now shows all customers as of "today" that have a current credit available? it should not need a date range or any other fields to establish this, just simply who has a credit in our system. 


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Try running the AR Transatction By Customer report, make the total filter by Is Less Than and put in 0. This report runs on an as of date so should populate anyone who has a negative balance aka credit as of today. I did try adding a negative adjustment invoice to a dummy customer to make sure it won't just pull payment credits and it still populated. 

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