Sales Report with Follow Up Sales

New Contributor

We try to one sit close every job but we have a team inside that follows up on unsold jobs. Our issue is when those jobs sell we are now needing to create a 2nd job, the second  job is counting as a new opportunity even when the non op/no charge box is selected because once the job is marked as sold it is counting as an opportunity. The only work around for this is to go into the original lead and mark that one as a non opportunity. It is a very tedious and unnecessary step. What we prefer to do is keep the $0.00 sales invoices open on a 60 day run so we can add appointments to the lead. The issue is there is no way to report on the efficiency meaning one call close vs requiring a second sit. I would love to add the "total number of appointments" field to the sales report so we can still have the data on tech lead close, marketed close, average sales, etc. Can this be done? 

I am looking for a way to create or customize a sales report that reflects the total number of appointments per opportunity.