Help! Needing to find a way to see price changes for billing templates in memberships

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Hey! We are a Pool Company and because of that, we use memberships for everything. We don't sell a membership for a certain amount as the membership is technically a 1x a week maintenance that happens every week and we bill monthly. So we use the billing template for our pricing.

If we update the billing template for pricing at all, is there a way to see that price change? 

I've pulled a report for 8 months ago and changed the status to be 8 months ago for memberships and then pulled one now to see if there was a difference. I tested out customers that I knew had a price change and the way I'm seeing it, when you update the billing template, it changes it on the report for no matter when you changed it.

Any direction would be a huge help!


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Hi @ConnerVann  - Welcome to the ServiceTitan Community and congratulations on your first post! 👏

This might be a bit late, but let's try and get you some answers. @JGradwoh or @MollyVS - are there any folks in the Pioneering Trades group who might be able to assist?