Report for Inbound Call Counts by Time/Day

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Looking for a report that can easily produce a count of inbound calls received by hour and/or day of the week.  I'm still looking for a good report for that if there is one, but my only other would be to export to excel and do a count in based on how many times we get calls on certain days/hours.  Main reason is to determine how many calls we get and ensure we have the right coverage for certain days.

Does anyone have any reports they could share that show this? 


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

You can create your own report by calls and direction as inbound and see campaign, csr, etc and schedule it to receive it automatically




or on the legacy reports there is a Call Volume by day and by hour report, you can also schedule it to receive weekly o






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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @robert_y - in reports 2.0 there is a template titled "Calls" where you can add the column titled "Direction" which will give you the inbound vs. outbound. Below that column you can select the "count." This should get you what you need. You can also select a date range. 

Hope this helps!

- Sheena @ NiFT

Sheena @ NiFT