Better reporting on Cancelations on Dashboard

Please vote for this idea if you like it and get your friends to upvote it as wellCOMMUNITY-I-2115Not all cancelations are bad cancellations, but it would be nice if the cancelations reasons could be differentiated for those you want to count on the ...

AdamCronenberg by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Simple Math Equations on Reports

Please vote for this idea if you like it and get your friends to upvote it as well.COMMUNITY-I-2114While there is a wealth of information in custom reports, I find myself having to constantly export reports to perform simple math, and if those math e...

AdamCronenberg by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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TSYS Reports

Anyone else having issues with the TSYS reports not reflecting thru today's date 10/25/2022. I have deposits in our account but aren't reflecting on the TSYS reports at all. 7 deposits and none of them appear on the TSYS report. Thanks. Jennifer Firs...

Best Practice for Reviewing AR

We are new to ST and our old processes are not falling into place as easily as I would like. We typically work out past due invoices pretty regularly, utilizing notes and being able to have CSR's easily see the aging on an account. I am not seeing th...

KPI's on an Accrual Basis

Wondering if there is a report or dashboard modual that can be created to show our accounting data on an accrual basis vs cash basis... Our dashboard does not reflect an accurate overview of the business since we have some services that are billed an...

msjewell23 by New Contributor II
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Customer Credit Report

I would like be able to see a report that has all current customers that have a credit on their account. The current report "Credit Available" does not show this. I worked with Service titian Tech support to create a new report that shows this and it...

Resolved! Cost vs. Sale price

Does anyone know of a report to show what you purchased items/ equipment at (cost) vs. what your markup is on the item (sold to Client) and how many of the items/ equipment was sold?

bruggier by New Contributor III
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Electrical Close Rate Average

Hi,Looking to see what other companies close rates are but specifically in the electrical service side of things. Any information helps, thank you in advance!

Ashten_1 by New Contributor
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Report for Notifications

Trying to set up a report to determine what customers notifications are turned off? We have a tag for the one's we want turned off so I can easily find them, but some customers notifications get turned off when having to redispatch or something of th...

samantha14 by New Contributor II
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