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We have a sales team that takes in new leads and follows up on them, sends estimates, etc.  We also have technicians that are able to upsell on their jobs as well.  We are able to track the technicians pretty well.  The sales team is proving difficult.  After speaking with someone at ST yesterday on an unrelated call where he mentioned having a Business Unit set up for all Sales it got me thinking that maybe we didn't set this up from the get-go correctly.  How to do you track your sales team to make sure they are following up on leads, creating estimates, keeping in communication with their customers, and what their close ratio is?


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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @seemore -- I recommend creating a sales business unit, this is the most simplistic way to track your sales team and all the kpi's you mentioned above!

Sheena @ NiFT

Is there a work flow or something on how to set that up as far as work flows for tracking from the lead stage to sold?  We used to be able to track closed ratios and it's hard within Service Titan

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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

@seemore , the workflow could vary depending on how your sales team is set up in ServiceTitan.  Are they set as Employees or Technicians? 

You could set them up as Technicians, create a new 'Sales Team' Business Unit, then assign each of them to that new Business Unit.  You could then run Technician Scorecards for them to see the same metrics that you're using to track technician performance.  You'd just filter your Technician scorecard or other tech reports by the 'Sales Team' business unit. 

If they're set up as Employees, you can create custom reports for the (try Reports -> Create Report-> Business Unit Performance -> Employees -> Office Performance).   That template includes lots of metric options that will probably get you what you need.

Are either of these paths helpful?

This is a similar problem I am having. I have sales reps who account managers for our company. They will be stopping by and saying hello to commercial customers we haven't seen in a while and while they are in the neighborhood they will be doing meet and greets with other commercial businesses that might need our service. 

Rep goes out and gets three business cards while reaching out to previous customers. Do they put the new point of contact in the leads tab?

One of the new leads wants a free commercial site check for a possible PMP or have an estimate on something that might not be working for them. Our Sales team is not capable of diagnosing issues so then we send out a technician to do a free site check who reports back to the office and a estimate is created(Commercial is more complex then residential). I would like the orginal sales rep to send out the estimate and track the progress of the job (follow up tab). From all my research service titan isn't really built for this. Any suggestions. I would like the emails to the customer to go through service titan.  Can the emails be attached to the specific job? 

Customer wants to set up an AR account before having us come  out to provide an estimate. How can we create a task for that team member to set up an account. 

Customer moves forward with estimate and parts need to be ordered. I would like our account manager  to send a follow up email with expected delivery of parts. Is this where tasks come into play so when parts arrive the commercial dispatcher can book the call. 

How do you eliminate outside email communication so the ball doesn't get dropped?