Report for daily pick-ups?

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Is there a report we can run that will show the items each individual technician needs to pick up from the shop that day before beginning their shift (IE parts or equipment for specific jobs that day)?

Also, is there a report to run that will show what POs they need to pick up that day from our suppliers? Currently, we do not have a warehouse staff so I schedule PO pickups on the techs and we have a custom box on the call booking screen for pick-up jobs where I can type in the POs I need picked up.

Currently, things are being missed so we are wondering if there is a report we could print daily and post in the office to help the techs ensure they are aware of what they need to be grabbing. Thanks for any tips!


Khiana Klatt
CSR ServicePlus Heating and Cooling

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Have you tried the Replenishment report?  I use that one a lot and it is showing me what they have used and what they need to have restocked.  If you are wanting to have something for the future, you can always take that report and customize it to be done for the future work based on any populated invoices that they may have.  

Kristin Smith
Covenant Plumbing

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Great question @KhianaKlatt! Let's see if we can get some folks to weigh in. @krista-gac@JessiUsher any suggestions?