Report showing all estimates that have been invoiced

Hey everyone! I am looking for a report that shows estimates that have been completed and invoiced. I have a couple custom reports created from the "Jobs" template, but I am not sure if these are really accurate. Right now I have the jobs report temp...

NBeebe18 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Report for refund or credits?

Does anyone know of a quick way to pull information on refunds or credits we have given during a certain time period? Thanks!

AmyHart by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Reporting on non-job events

If it exists someone please tell me where to find a report that will pull info off the non-job events. I know I can run a timesheet report but I need the info description and event name.... if y'all confirm this doesn't exist I'll add it as an idea!

RandiThompson by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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BDR 8 for10 Report

Has anyone here used this? Can you tell me about your experience and how it has been beneficial?

uohara by New Contributor II
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Categories or Sub-Categories for Materials

Has ServiceTitan thought about implementing categories and or sub-categories for materials? Ex: copper fittings, pvc fittings, capacitors, etc. There are categories for equipment. It helps on reporting. It would definitely help on reporting for mater...

JJPOND by New Contributor II
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Tech/reprimand form/ counseling statement

Wanted to know when ST will have a write-up form or a way to upload a form to attach to the Technician's profile when they are reprimanded to keep track of them in the system.

yoshi144 by New Contributor
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Reporting for pricebook items

I was told by chat to share my idea of having a report that shows items in your pricebook that aren't used/vice versa.To see what you can get rid of or stock lots of parts for.

shawndun by New Contributor
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Report Not Working As It Should

Hopefully I am posting this in the correct area.The report "AR Transactions by customer" is not working correctly. When I ran the report I selected only three of our business units, but the report shows data from business units I did not select. I ha...