Scheduling Pro is here to make your customer's booking experience easy and quick, but in order to get the most from your product, you'll want to make sure you're using scheduler links in ALL of your marketing efforts & on social media. Here are some examples and best practices for using Scheduling Pro on Facebook in particular: 

1. Utilize Facebook Messenger:

The Messenger platform allows businesses to create automated replies or "away messages" that can reply automatically to all inquiries with the direct to scheduler links. Here is an example of what your message could be:

"Thanks for your message! Someone will do their best to get back to you ASAP. In the meantime, did you know you can book an appointment online via our online scheduling platform? Click here to book an appointment:"

How to set up an automated message:

  1. Open Facebook Messenger and click on the gear icon in the top left corner to access your settings.

  2. Select "Automated Responses" from the menu.

  3. Under "Away Message," toggle the switch to turn on the automated reply feature.

  4. Customize your message by typing in the text box provided. See our example caption above, and make sure you're using direct to scheduler links.

  5. You can also set a schedule for the automated response by selecting "Schedule" and choosing the days and times when you want it to be active.

  6. Once you're finished, click "Save" to activate your automated response.

That's it! Now whenever someone sends you a message on Facebook Messenger, they'll receive an automated reply with the link to scheduler an appointment. No follow-up necessary. 

2. Promote Online Scheduling

To encourage customers to use Scheduling Pro's online booking features, you should promote them through regular posts, paid advertisements, and by highlighting the "Book Now" button on your page. Read more about promoting Schedule Engine on social media here.

If you are running paid ads and are interested in learning more about tracking advertising spend ROI, you can read more on using Schedule Engine + Meta's Pixel on our Help Desk Knowledge Base here: Meta (Facebook & Instagram) Advertising via Pixel & Activity Tracking


Have questions for other Scheduling Pro users? How have you used Scheduling Pro on Facebook? Reply below!

Scheduling Pro is part of ServiceTitan’s suite of Pro Products that can enhance your technology and capabilities. Focused on booking software that helps contractors exceed customer expectations,  Scheduling Pro's technology meets the end consumer wherever they want to engage the contractor - online, live chat, or by phone.  Account configuration is required for this feature. 


@joeladmi @gkerth Facebook has removed the ability to use any custom URL in that button, unfortunately. I'll update the article, thanks for flagging!

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