Scheduling Pro Live Services is here to be your support when you need it (whether after hours, or when you’re too busy to take calls). We get it, hiring a person to take phone calls outside of normal working hours is not cheap, easy, or fun! Our goal is to fill that gap to help your business succeed, but given we aren’t full time staff members, there are a few limitations that our services operate within. Let’s make sure we’re on the same page here: 

Live Services CAN:

  • Be your first-filter agents handling all inbound calls at any time of day
  • Greet your customers with a friendly opener, using your business name.
  • Handle bookings and emergency bookings immediately
  • Filter non-bookable calls and categorize them so your internal team can action them as needed and in your order of urgency

Live Service Agents CANNOT:

  • Tell customers we are employed at your company. We will always represent ourselves as a 3rd party if asked.
  • Read a custom script or use jargon/language specific to your company. Agents need to find details fast, so we use a structured model for your business’s need to know details. Our agents need to be able to pivot from call to call.
  • Log into your ServiceTitan instance which presents the following challenges:
    • Verify info we do not have access to: membership status, warranties, existing appointments, job tags, do not service tags, outstanding bills etc.
    • Reschedule or cancel bookings - we can only insert new ones.
  • Build workflows based on the type of customer calling in. (Example: Gold-tier members need to be booked to earlier appts than silver tier members (cannot see tiers on our end)
  • Book jobs into multiple business / FSM locations.
  • Assign jobs to more than one technician at once (for those utilizing “notify - book - assign”)
  • Calculate distances or service areas. (Example: we cannot manually confirm service availability or a dispatch fee based on distance from the office.)
  • Limit the # of escalations we send across. This is due to our lack of visibility of technician statuses (on job / busy).

We are excited to help your business grow with our comprehensive live services products! If you have questions about what is outlined above, please let your representative know.



Scheduling Pro is web-booking software that helps contractors exceed customer expectations. Scheduling Pro's technology meets the end consumer wherever they want to engage the contractor - online, live chat, or by phone. Account configuration is required for this feature. 

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