Custom Review Links in Marketing Pro Review Generation

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We should be able to add our own custom review links inside of the Marketing Pro Review Generator template.

As of this moment the automated "review generator" message template MUST include the "Listing Link" merge tag. That listing link merge tag only allows you to select approved listings synced with your Marketing Pro account. 

The problem I'm experiencing is I want to use a different review URL which is not associated with any listings, and I cannot add my own custom URL.

We can manually add a different URL inside the message template, but because the review generator requires the "Listing Link" merge tag, we will always end up with two URLs in the template... we can't even delete the listing link merge tag because it automatically adds it back in. And I think it's best practice to only have one call to action, not multiple, in my opinion.

I think an appropriate solution would be any of the following:

  1. Remove the requirement of the "listing link" merge tag from the review generator template.
  2. Be able to add custom links into the list of acceptable listing links.

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I've come across the same issue. Are you aware of any workaround or fix to this issue? 

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Thanks for the feedback! I have gone ahead and shared with our Marketing Pro Product Team, but as mentioned above, please also add to the Ideas tab to be voted on. -- mel

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Hello! We appreciate the feedback as we're always aiming to improve the quality of the pro products. I do think this is worth posting in the Ideas tab so it does not get lost. In our Ideas tab, a group of internal product analysts can go in and vote on it. It may not be an immediate implementation but it can always be a consideration down the line. 

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Done! - Thank you!