How to Update Your Scheduling Pro Settings for a Holiday Closure


With Thanksgiving here in the U.S. just around the corner, we’re sharing a friendly reminder to update your Scheduling Pro settings before closing your office for the holiday period.

You can easily access these settings via your dashboard and begin preparing for an office closure or limited services. 

If your office will be closed for the holiday and you will not be running regular appointments, we recommend adding a blocked date to your Advanced Scheduling settings in the dashboard to prevent any regular appointments from being booked via Scheduler.

Live Voice Settings

If you will be making any changes to your standard call forwarding schedule, please make sure to configure this in advance. As a reminder, these settings are through your phone provider. If you need any guidance on how to adjust these, please contact us at 

Live Voice Escalations

  • Is your call forwarding schedule for the upcoming office closure different from a typical day?
    • If “yes” - you need to update your settings

  • Will you be handling emergency requests over Thanksgiving?
    • If you will not be running any Escalation calls, please check out this video on adding a shift blocker to your Escalation Schedules.
    • If Escalation services do need to be available during a different time than usual, then adjustments need to be made to the hours on your escalation schedules. Check out this video for a run-through on how to set this up.
  • It is advised that you also review your on-hold settings prior to the weekend to ensure that any surges in volume are able to be mitigated. Information on this feature can be found here.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact a support specialist at if you have any questions or need help with any of these settings. 


ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

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