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Hi Everyone! I’m a Product Manager with ServiceTitan working on Estimates and we are now partnering with our Data Science team to work on a feature called Smart Proposal Templates. The idea of the feature is to generate automatic personalized Estimate Templates based on your previous estimates and invoices to make the estimate creation process easier and faster.

We are now in the pre-alpha testing stage looking for customers who would love to participate. The pre-alpha process will include reviewing the AI generated suggestions powered by Titan Intelligence (TI) for estimate and proposal templates with us and giving us the greenlight to load that data into your account. Once this is done, your staff can easily use those templates to create estimates both from the office and mobile side.

On our side we’ll keep track of the templates to understand their performance and what we should improve before the next stage. Your participation would be of great value to us so thank you for your time and consideration.

The conditions to participate in the pre-alpha are:
  • being a Pricebook Pro user at least for 1 year
  • have Residential customers
  • have a reasonable number of proposals/opportunities created in the system
  • willingness to contribute to a great feature
Please feel free to reach out to with any questions and let us know if you’re interested in participating with a comment.

ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

This sounds exciting. I have some clients whom may be interested. I will share with them.

Dayla Penn
ServiceTitan Certified Coach
Powerhouse Consulting Group

That would be awesome @DaylaPCG ! Thanks a lot and please let me know if any additional information is needed.