[Blog] Tools and tips to do more with less

Summer can be a massively busy time for contractors — you might not even reach the end of this blog without the phone ringing, a new fire needing to be put out, or something coming up that needs your immediate attention! (You might already be in this...

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Pricebook Columns

On the ServiceTitan Pricebook, is there actively a way that we can edit the columns per ServiceTitan user? For example, when I am working on the portion of Pricebook that I need to get done, I only need to see the Media, Name, Code, Description, Mate...

ZMR-TBHVAC by New Contributor III
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Feedback Needed: Pro Products Branding Survey

Hello! The Product Marketing team is doing some research on your perception of PRO PRODUCTS branding. If you use any Pro Product, or have subscribed in the past, you are welcome to participate. This survey should take less than 3 minutes to complete....

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Setting up big jobs in Pricebook

We currently have most tasks created for everyday jobs. When we run into little jobs we've missed they get added but I am interested as to what other people/companies use in pricebook to bid out bigger jobs, so techs are able to easily present a pric...

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Pricebook Pro Smart Proposal Templates

Hi Everyone! I’m a Product Manager with ServiceTitan working on Estimates and we are now partnering with our Data Science team to work on a feature called Smart Proposal Templates. The idea of the feature is to generate automatic personalized Estimat...

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Pricebook Update

Today we noticed that our equipment in Servicetitan Pro has been changed. For example, under Trane heatpumps show a picture of a Trane heatpump w title and description from Carrier unit (which should be and was in a whole different category). This is...

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SKUs/Part #s

We have SKU numbers in QuickBooks, but do not use them in ServiceTitan. I do see a field for a part number in the Pricebook. If we populated that field with our part number/SKU, is there a way to search for it in ServiceTitan?Thank you.

lydiaaya by New Contributor
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