Setting up big jobs in Pricebook

We currently have most tasks created for everyday jobs. When we run into little jobs we've missed they get added but I am interested as to what other people/companies use in pricebook to bid out bigger jobs, so techs are able to easily present a pric...

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Pricebook Pro Smart Proposal Templates

Hi Everyone! I’m a Product Manager with ServiceTitan working on Estimates and we are now partnering with our Data Science team to work on a feature called Smart Proposal Templates. The idea of the feature is to generate automatic personalized Estimat...

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Pricebook Update

Today we noticed that our equipment in Servicetitan Pro has been changed. For example, under Trane heatpumps show a picture of a Trane heatpump w title and description from Carrier unit (which should be and was in a whole different category). This is...

yesk by New Contributor
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SKUs/Part #s

We have SKU numbers in QuickBooks, but do not use them in ServiceTitan. I do see a field for a part number in the Pricebook. If we populated that field with our part number/SKU, is there a way to search for it in ServiceTitan?Thank you.

lydiaaya by New Contributor
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Hello All,is there, or will there be, an option to set after hours pricing to apply to a weekend? We currently have our after hours pricing between 530 and 6 AM the next day but I have not found a way to add in the weekends automatically. Does anyone...

HBromberg by New Contributor III
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