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We had our CSM changed a few times and even if one person in the company will get an email on who new CSM is - the rest of the team wouldn't know.

So my idea is to have CSM Name and contact always posted on the bottom of settings or help menu drop down. And possibly "Send a message to your CSM" button.

But like I said - it is only my 2 cents 😉

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Hello @ArtTkachenko,

Your feedback is appreciated 😊 I know how getting a new success manager can affect communication and workflow. When you are in Community, if you click in the Support tab at the top right, do you see an option to contact your success manager? Here is an image of what I am referring to: 


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Hi Baraica. 
I cannot find these options when I click support. I never seen them.  Is it possible they are turned off on your side?