Reverting back to "easy mode"

howdy everyone!one of our new dispatchers is using the "new" version of ST, with the flyout outs and all that.where in the settings can i change her back to the "old ways" like the way my login is setup? i cant seem to find it.thanks in advance!-Shan...

ssiegfri by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Sales Tax Zones setting

I have a question - Do the sales tax zones that are set up in Service Titan auto-update? I've started checking and some of them are incorrect. Am I supposed to check this every so often? I figured this was somehow automated.

KcWakem by New Contributor III
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Hide a business unit?

Is there a way to hide a business unit from the office? We are debating setting up a business unit for things like warehouse, stock inventory and non specific overhead time.

MirandaMel by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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User facing configurations.

Wanted to reach out and see if anyone has or has not noticed that the user side configuration is available to them. We received our update late and thats the only feature that appears to have vanished on this update. Anyone else?

tekkrack by New Contributor III
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Login Tracking

Hello! I am trying to track user metrics including employee logins, usage, and time on the mobile application. I am unsure if ServiceTitan offers this service, but it would be quite vital to our business and operations to have this sort of informatio...

Schedule Calendar View - Show only Operational Hours

Good morning,Wondering if there's a way to just show hours of operations on the calendar-view of the schedule. I know some business are 24/7, but for businesses that are basically 9-5... there's a lot of dead space or blank space between 6 PM to 6 AM...

Call Holds

Hi Community,My Team is still new to ST, and we were looking for some additional examples of reasons for call holds. We are specifically interested in gathering more examples or instances where call holds might be necessary and applicable, so feel fr...

Please Vote for this Idea on Triggers and Alerts! I think multi selection options in specific fields for triggers and alerts is a great idea and would save so much tedious work. I love alerts and triggers but cringe when someone asks me...

kanderso1 by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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