Schedule Calendar View - Show only Operational Hours

Good morning,Wondering if there's a way to just show hours of operations on the calendar-view of the schedule. I know some business are 24/7, but for businesses that are basically 9-5... there's a lot of dead space or blank space between 6 PM to 6 AM...

Call Holds

Hi Community,My Team is still new to ST, and we were looking for some additional examples of reasons for call holds. We are specifically interested in gathering more examples or instances where call holds might be necessary and applicable, so feel fr...

Please Vote for this Idea on Triggers and Alerts! I think multi selection options in specific fields for triggers and alerts is a great idea and would save so much tedious work. I love alerts and triggers but cringe when someone asks me...

kanderso1 by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Business Unit Bulk Updates

During the release 66, the feature was added to do bulk updates to business units. However, this feature erases the mapping to Intacct so is effectively more work to do this new feature.I would love for this to be fixed during the next update.


Please enable the email for invoices and estimates for every new profile that is created in service titan - if this is not done customers are not getting their emails or estimates and is costing the company money. This new step on having to go in and...

amy-cm by New Contributor
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Forms on Customers Page

Hello,I was wondering if there's a way that I can set ST to be able to see the forms in the customers page if the form is linked on the job?I would like to be able to see if the form was completed or not (status) without having to go inside the oppor...

LiaFranco by New Contributor
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Since the update last week, pictures added to forms are no longer showing up on the job and location. Is there a fix for this? This is a big problem for us.

jgautier by New Contributor
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Technician Permissions

I have looked everywhere in every setting and I can not find it. I need to remove permissions for technicians to add a discount to an invoice.I know it is listed as Discounts and Fees in the pricebook, but I specifically need to have the permissions ...

ladams76 by New Contributor III
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Customizing Communication Features

There should be a way to send a specific email to different job types. Like for a preventive maintenance I would want to be able to send the initial email with the details of what we were doing for the preventive maintenance. Same as an install I wou...

kgibson by New Contributor
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