Paid idle time settings

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According to ST "How idle time works with technician clock in / clock out" article:

"If the technician is not clocked out at the end of the day, paid hours will end when the last job or paid non-job appointment is completed."

I have found on multiple occasions this is not accurate. When one of my technicians fails to clock out it will automatically clock him/her out at 12:00 and back in for the next day at 12:00. Therefore, paying them for more than 8 extra hours each day. This can bee seen below.



Hello @Shannon Winkler? !

If you have simple clock in/out enabled, this is expected behavior. The reasoning is if the technician fails to clock out, the clock in time will run until 11:59 PM and then clock in again at 12:00 AM (the following day).

Here's an article on the Simple Clock I/O feature:

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Thank You!

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Do you know why you might receive the error 'cannot edit technician time sheet when in idle state'?

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I just came across this same error message and was wondering if you ever found a solution.