Unaccepted Timekeeping Status?

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Hello! Our company is fairly new to the Aspire system and this is our second week doing payroll through Aspire. We have some of our employees whose times have been approved in the weekly time review but when reviewing their time, we see an Approved status and we also see Unaccepted status right beneath the approval. We have checked all their times for the week, and everything seems to be correct, but we cannot get rid of that unaccepted status. Is there a reason why? We have no idea where that 1.63 is coming from but the whole crew that worked together (5 people) have the same Unaccepted status and that 1.63 showing. Can anyone shed some light on this? Please, thanks! 




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Thank you for reaching out. Please respond with a valid email address associated with your account so one of our product specialists can reach out.