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We have technicians asking if we can stop the automated message about the technician being on their way to the customer after the initial visit. At times, the technician might only be opening the job to update the estimate, or add details, but each time they do that, the customer is notified the technician will be arriving soon. I've been told there is a setting that can be changed, but I can't find it. Also, is this something that has to be manually turned off with each job? Or can it be formatted to occur for every job? 


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You can also limit dispatch notifications for multiple dispatch notifications when multiple technicians are on the same appointment/job. That may not be your specific issue, but wanted to share since you may be referring to that capability when you mentioned there was a setting you couldn't find.

In order for ST to only send the dispatch notification for the first dispatched technician, go into ServiceTitan settings > Communications > Customer Notifications > Dispatch Notifications, then from there click into the Settings tab and select to Limit Dispatch notifications when multiple techs are dispatched.

Otherwise, if you are looking to turn off future job notifications, then DiamondK1's reply on turning off job notifications is the way. Just remember that will turn off all notifications to the customer related to that job, not only dispatch notifications.



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You can turn off customer notifications for certain job types and/or business units in settings. But in your use case it sounds like you only want them off if the job gets put on pause/hold and then a tech "dispatch's"/signs back into it again at a later time to wrap things up... In that case you'd be looking at turning them off manually in the office on the job page (probably during debrief), using the slider near the top right of the page. Note: this will turn off all customer notifications from ST to the customer for this job until it is turned back on (but just that job).



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This is very helpful. Thank you for your insight and helping me understand how this process works.