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Hi everyone and welcome! Whether you've just joined or have been with us for years, this is the perfect spot to introduce yourself, celebrate achievements (like earning your ServiceTitan Certified Administrator certificate or joined Torch Network), a...

e_dunn by Former Titan
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Rebates on invoices

Hi All, How are we putting rebates on invoices? These specific rebates are not instant rebates so they will not affect the invoice price. Are we creating a Task and changing the description? Are we just including it in the body of the estimate descri...

mollys by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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system running slow

Our system is running slow and unable to get into my reports to be able to do payroll. This is not good.

carterj-2 by New Contributor
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Hello from Bloomington

Hello I work with an HVAC company in the midwest. Warmer weather is finally on the way so we're prepping for AC season. I'm curious, for other HVAC companies, what's your workaround for AC maintenance when temperatures are less than ideal, between th...

SandraY by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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New Leadership Role

Hi there! Liz here from Redlands and Henry Bush Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning. I have newly stepped into a title of CSR and Dispatching Supervisor and to be honest with you it is exciting but also daunting. I want to be sure that my team feel...

Duplicate Forms of the Office Side

Hey! just wanted to promote this Idea I was looking for. We are currently unable to duplicate forms on the office side, and adding this feature would help make our jobs easier. Thanks!

espielman by New Contributor II
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Resolved! ST Certified Admin Training

I'm in the middle of my Service Titan. What is the expected timeline for completion? I feel like this is dragging.

dmoody by New Contributor
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Round Up for Charity

Time to vote for this awesome feature to help charities and the community around us! The ability for a customer to select "Round Up For Charity"

lizb by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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New Hires

Is anyone else doing new things that are working? Any tips you are willing to share?

vanessag1 by New Contributor II
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'Resend the Estimate' in Email Settings

When using this feature I know we can create or make up the day we want the estimate to resend if the customer did not approve, but does it send continuously? For example, if we set the email setting to send 3 days after the estimate was given will i...

Savanna by New Contributor
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