🎃👻 Finding Halloween Joy and Laughter 🎃👻

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Halloween is here, and it's a reminder that even in a world experiencing dark days, we can and should find joy in the simplest things. My fondest Halloween memory involves my grandfather. He was the ultimate Halloween enthusiast and would don the quirkiest costumes just to see my sister and me, along with all the neighborhood kids, burst into laughter. From a dancing Skeletor to a goofy mummy, he made Halloween a riot! 🤣🕺

Let's cherish these moments of laughter and the magic of Halloween. So put on your costume, grab some treats, and let's create new memories with those around us filled with laughter and fun, just like my grandfather's hilarious antics were for us. 🎃🎉🍬 Here is my five year-old ready to take on the world and save us all from the bad guys.


Enjoy the spooktacular day! 🎃👻🕷

Share your favorite Halloween memory and pictures below!


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

How adorable!! 

Angela Kump
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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

So cute!!!!!!!!!!

Randi Thompson
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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

My favourite Halloween memory would have to be my oldest daughter's 2nd Halloween where I made her a teddy bear costume and the picture I took is of her looking in the mirror at herself.  That was a very long 26 years ago and my babies are all grown, but still dress up!  

Miranda Melnychuk, RSE
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That costume looks great on him! 🌟

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