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I work with an HVAC company in the midwest. Warmer weather is finally on the way so we're prepping for AC season. I'm curious, for other HVAC companies, what's your workaround for AC maintenance when temperatures are less than ideal, between the 55-70 range? Always on the lookout for tips & tricks if you have any!

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When weather was at those temperatures, we would only offer furnace maintenances. If it was booked for an AC maintenance, we would let the customer know what the situation was and reschedule them based off of the weather forecast. 

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I check the 10-day weather forecast daily, sometimes, multiple times a day, I always tell customers the inspection(s) are contingent on the weather: it needs to be at least 74 degrees to get accurate readings.  If weather looks iffy, I will call to reschedule.  I am finding text works better. They seem to understand and appreciate us being upfront with them.  They want good information too.