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Hi there,

I'd like to kick off a discussion on integrating QuickBooks into our service titan system. I've taken on this responsibility, but I'm unsure where to begin. I though our community here could provide some valuable insights. Recently, I completed a two-day training for QuickBooks Online and noticed similarities between it and Service Titan. Integrating the two systems can be challenging, especially considering potential workflow changes across departments. I'm open to any advice or tips as we navigate this interation process (HVAC/PLUMBING) 




We have our QBO account integrated with ST. We did this during our onboarding. It was fairly simple; our onboarding team helped with this.  

I would contact your CSM to help you with that. One tip I would have is making sure your BU match in ST and QBO. This is important for seamless batching, posting and exporting. 

We have had QBO before ST; so we imported our customers and invoices from QBO to ST. 

Hopefully this helps!