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Does anyone have a workflow for keeping track of jobs, that are still in progress but you are waiting on material that you had ordered? We do not use the purchase order feature in ST. We have a number of jobs that after the first appt, we need to ord...
Oftentimes, when customers send in checks, they include a nice note/comment about the tech. I was wondering if there is any place in St to record them so that it gets "linked" to the tech. Thanks!
Is there a way to send invoice reminders without having Marketing Pro? We want to send reminders for unpaid invoices, and I called ST and they said we must have marketing pro to do this. Does anyone have a way to do this without marketing pro?
We have our phones integrated through Service titan. We noticed that when we are calling a customer, there seems to be a pretty bad delay with our conversation.We don’t think about it when someone calls, but when we call someone