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TitanAdvisor is an automated best practice guide that helps you get the most out of ServiceTitan. 

TitanAdvisor guides you step-by-step through setting up and using features that we think can help you grow your business, streamline workflows, and improve customer satisfaction.

While your company is preparing to go live with ServiceTitan, you have access to TitanAdvisor Prepare to Launch. Prepare to Launch guides you through setting up required features and completing the required training in preparation for a successful launch.

After your company goes live with ServiceTitan, TitanAdvisor administrators continue to have access to the TitanAdvisor administrative view, which includes important metrics about how you are using ServiceTitan and how your employees are progressing with their post-launch training. Your non-administrator office employees can access the TitanAdvisor Training View to see their training progress and access training courses.

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Based on ServiceTitan's data, there is a strong correlation between adoption and utilization of features in the platform to the business value realized by our Customers. Our research shows that the more our customers use ServiceTitan’s diverse suite of features, the better their business outcomes are.

TitanAdvisor looks at account setup and the features used. Then, based on trades, organization size, ServiceTitan package, and prioritized business goals, TitanAdvisor recommends features that can make the biggest positive impact on our Customer’s business. This will provide a clear action plan for adoption and utilization through a very user friendly and intuitive interface.

When you complete a TitanAdvisor feature’s checkpoints, you can see how using the feature helps achieve your business goals.

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Interested in learning more about ServiceTitan best practices or specific TitanAdvisor recommendations?
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Titan advisor is very helpful for a new company onboarding.    I would share information daily with the CSRs on what our emails obtained percentage was, as well as our call bubble click ratio.   It was helpful to get "buy-in" when the program was new.    For new employees, it's easier to just tell them this is what you need to do.   Titan advisor was our "accountability" for when we went live.

It's easier to tell your team "this is what Titan Advisor says we need to work at" than to have it just come from you.   I think of if it as our coach.   I have allowed a limited number of people access to TitanAdvisor.   I'm curious what others have found to be the pros and cons of letting your team have access to TitanAdvisor?