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When I update the customer with the active parameter false, then unable to add/get the contact of that customer although able to add the location, job, etc from API, is it a bug or a feature?Is that right to add a job for inactive customers? and how?
Is there any way to create "pre-define formatting" for the job summary, so that at the time of creating the job it automatically populates as a form and we just fill the form? for example, The following text in the summary box I write it, but if I wa...
I'm using servicetitan integration account and logged in as an admin Role, How do I get capacity planning and technician shifts in the schedule window?
How to find custom field type id from the API. When I try to create a custom field by using API, the API is asking to provide a field Id, is there any way/API to get a list of types available?
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