Can we add the online payment link to an estimate?

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I know currently we can only add the online payment link to an invoice and a statement. We do majority Home Warranty Service calls and the Home Warranty customers we work with have to pay the full estimate amount first before we start sourcing, or doing any of the work. Currently, we are having to email the customer the estimate, they sign it, we keep an eye on the alerts that they signed and then we have to call them to collect payment. After we collect payment then we proceed with booking the job from the sold estimate. 


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We would also love an "accept and pay now" link on our estimates to streamline our workflow.

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Unfortunately, the payment link only appears when there is a balance owed so in your work flow as described above, it wouldnt show because that invoice would have a $0 balance.  There is definitely enhancements needed in the deposit collection workflow as this is common practice among contractors to collect a payment for various reasons before there is an official amount owed.  Would also love to be able to collect payment in mobile on the follow up tab if techs follow up on old unsold estimates and the customer agrees to move forward.  They have to have the office call back to collect the deposit or get a job booked on them to mock up a deposit invoice.   I need to set aside some time to post these in the ideas section of the community as there are several common sense things like this that would really make a big difference in the lives of contractors.  Will let you know when I post those so you can help upvote them and hopefully they gain more traction.

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COMMUNITY-I-2597 - Thank you and I added to the Idea Board.