Customer pre-pay Deposits

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I have several customers that have sent a deposit in order to commit to large jobs.  Currently, these are being handled by creating an invoice and estimating the sales tax in order to attempt to match the deposit amount.

For example: 

Customer sends a $10,000 check to hold the job.

If we create and invoice for $10,000, Aspire automatically adds sales tax to the invoice, so the invoice total is now $10,800. When we 'pay' the invoice, it shows that the customer still owes $800. This has caused problems when we send second invoices out to all customers, since this one will appear with a balance due. 

Aside from trying to back into the amount to invoice to get the total to be $10k after tax, how can I invoice the $10k, or have Aspire figure the amount for me?

Thanks for the help!


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Hi @sflannery - welcome to the ServiceTitan Community and congratulations on your first post! 🎉

That's a great question - @Chof22 or @malmbe - as our resident Aspire experts, what are your thoughts?