Default amounts when selecting payment type

New Contributor

So I have a minor issue. When our technicians are finishing with a client they'll ask how they'd like to pay. If a client says e-transfer the tech will select the e-transfer payment type and it seems to defaults to putting in the full amount owing. The problem is if the client isn't paying immediately then the balance remaining is $0.00 so it doesn't show up on the AR list and my invoices show a balance of $0.00 unless I remove or change the techs initial selection. What I'm wondering is if it can be setup so it defaults to $0.00 when the tech inputs the payment type and that they only need to correct this if the client is paying on the spot. I'm hoping to make this easier for both the techs and bookkeepers so the techs don't have to put in extra effort while its obvious that the client has not paid the balance.